Tanel Teemusk develops iPhone/iPad apps and does Flash Actionscript development.

Wizard of Appcelerator Titanium and Flash Actionscript with more than 10 years of industry experience.

His main business is front-end development - UX, interaction design, animation, rich internet applications, iPhone and iPad (iOS) apps, touch screen applications etc.

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Current Projects

The following projects are currently under development. Some of these apps might not be available for public yet.

SquarePrint, we print your photos
SquarePrint is an app that will print your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch photos. You shoot photos of your friends and family. Add these photos to SquarePrint designed products in the app and order them. Then wait for a week or so and postman will bring those to you.
Landing page

Airtumble for iPhone
Awesome music sharing and discovery app. This nifty app tracks all the tunes you listen on your music app on your iPhone and notifies you if anyone else likes the same kind of music.
landing page

Alcometer for iPhone
iPhone app for testing how drunk you are. Will be launched in the near future.

Recent Projects

OddSpotter - Art Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Edutainment app that teaches it's users a thing or two about art history. It's basically a 'spot the difference' game using paintings by famous artists as content.
AppStore link | Landing page

RMK for iPhone
Official app for Estonian State Forest management centre. It's an app that helps all nature travellers in Estonia to find places in the forest.
AppStore link

Moi Indoor Navigation touch screens
Indoor navigation touch screen application for large buildings. Currently used in two large hospitals and in a large parking lot in Finland. Frontend development.

Video demo | Palko Interactive

San Francisco Nightshots
iPad app to showcase photography in a unique interactive way. Also features voiceover on each photo to give background info about the shot.

AppStore link


Behance Network
The best and the most recent stuff there.

Flickr account.
Pretty much the same shots as on Flickr are presented on 500px

Night Shots from Twin Peaks
Some night shots from the top of the Twin Peaks in San Francisco.
You can do similar slideshows if you download PhotographersTools

Videos shot and directed.

That's where all the fun projects and tests reside.

Personal stuff

Curriculum Vitae
A short version of his life story.

Writing about tech stuff.

Go Close-up
Mobile photo blog. Updated daily.

Tumblr account.

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