Tanel Teemusk • Freelance iOS Developer
Hi, I'm Tanel and I will build
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Freelance iOS Developer

You have landed here, because you need a mobile app company or a reliable freelance developer to turn your app idea into a reality. Maybe you're a startup that needs a minimum viable product (MVP) to be built. Either way you need someone who would help you brainstorm on potential features and consult on possibilities modern devices have to offer.

You've come to the right place. I'm a freelance iOS Developer, Consultant and a Project Manager.

I love coding iPhone iPad (iOS), Apple Watch (WatchOS) and Apple TV (tvOS) apps.

I have wealth of experience working with clients from all around the globe. I offer my services as a contract iOS Programmer to businesses of all sizes; start-ups, creative agencies, designers and other freelancers and developers.

I love to build tricky and complex UI's for iOS apps involving custom layouts, transitions and animations. Also data layer and the whole app architecture is something I'm happy to work with.

I've got experience as a software engineer and as UX designer. I've also been a project owner in agile teams and a project manager so I am used to spearheading a software application development project.

I am happy to work along with other iOS developers if the project requires and alone if the it's a smaller app.

I love new technologies and am always looking for interesting and challenging projects to work on. Currently I'm digging into Flutter for cross-platform development.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you're looking for a developer. I can consult you on app development costs, technologies involved and give you a ballpark estimate on your idea rather quick. Later on I’ll be happy to assist you with production of the app.

I'd love to put my 20 years of programming and design experience at your disposal. Please do brief me about your app and let’s get the project underway.


I can help You with any stage of App development. It could include initial idea brainstorming, designing, app development and marketing.

If I can't fulfill your wishes alone I'm also a capable project manager and have an extensive network of other freelance developers who can help with more demanding tasks.


UX Design

Modern design language

I figure out the best way to display data and make the app easy to understand and use. I'll make a clickable prototype for Your app with Invisionapp. You can actually test it with dummy data and app screenshots before we move to next step, which is writing the app code.

iOS App Development

I write beautiful code.

I run Xcode software and delve into the code of Swift programming language.
When the process is completed You'll have a fully functional native application in your iPhone or iPad via Testflight, which will be ready to be launched on Apple App Store.

App Store Marketing (ASO)

Making your app visible.

Just launching an app is not enough. My next mission is linking it to the potential customer. By social marketing action plan, social media presence and App Store Optimisation (ASO), the application will be communicated with target consumer in and out the App Store.

How do I work?

We will brainstorm on your app idea. We will figure out the best way to fulfil your vision and make suggestions on how to build the most suitable app for your users.

Then I will dive deep into the project and build the app using the latest development tools available using Swift programming language.

I'm comfortable working with different iOS Development related technologies; RX Swift, Core Data, WatchKit, gitHub, Meteor, Cocoapods, Carthage, Apple Pay, Stripe, Realm.io, Texture or any other third party library.

I usually work as a remote team member using Slack as the main communication tool and I can always drop by at the office for meetings, for the project kick-off and during extra intense times (usually just before launch).

Once we have built the app we will publish it to the App Store.

Our cooperation will continue after the initial publishing of the app. I will be available to make updates and provide any kind of consultancy for future developments.

You can read more about how I work and my thoughts as an app development freelancer from my blog.

Please don't hesitate to send me email ( ) with your app idea so we can get started.