hi app: Your Comprehensive Crypto Companion for Effortless Trading, Staking, and More

The hi app is a rapidly growing, all-in-one cryptocurrency application that caters to the needs of both crypto newcomers and seasoned traders. As a user-friendly digital wallet, hi app makes it easy to purchase, store, earn, and make payments with various cryptocurrencies.

A Crypto App Designed for Everyone

Signing up on the hi app is a breeze. Once registered, users can purchase ‘hi dollars’ and effortlessly invest in major cryptocurrencies. But that’s not all – the hi app also offers staking functionality, allowing users to earn interest on their investments.

The hi app’s features are extensive, so we encourage you to download, register, and explore its full potential.

Tanel’s Role as Head of Mobile in 2022

As the Head of Mobile for the hi app in 2022, Tanel played a crucial role in shaping its success. Under his leadership, the app was developed with a keen focus on user experience, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable journey for everyone, from crypto novices to professional traders. Experience the hi app’s innovative features and witness Tanel’s expertise in action.

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  • Date: 2022
  • Client: hi.com/
  • Category: Team lead for mobile + iOS Development
hi.com ios app screenshots side by side