Timbeter, Measure logs with a photo!

Timbeter is designed to provide a precise, efficient solution for measuring logs and other roundwood products. Utilizing machine learning algorithms and advanced image processing techniques, the app analyzes photographs to calculate both volume and diameter of logs with high levels of accuracy.

Users can simply capture an image of the log or pile they wish to measure, mark the endpoints, and the app takes care of the rest. Data can be exported in various report formats or shared with team members for further analysis.

Key features include:

  • High-precision and accurate measurements
  • Time-saving, replacing traditional manual methods
  • Capability to export and share measurement data
  • Offline functionality
  • Customer support available for users

My role in this project

As the lead iOS developer on the Timbeter project, I was responsible for building the app from scratch, closely following its Android counterpart. Collaborating with another iOS developer, the app was coded in Swift and took over six months to complete due to its complexity.

The key challenges involved translating the Android UX into an iOS experience while adding iOS-specific features. This required a deep understanding of the underlying algorithms that power the app’s measurement functionalities. Ensuring accuracy in these algorithms, as well as in the user flow for measurements, were among the most demanding aspects of this project.

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Timbeter iOS app screenshots
Screenshot of Timbeter on App Store