Lokimo – Self Guided Tourism

We have created a travel and tourism app that helps expand your boundaries and look at places you already know from a new angle. No longer interested in taking standard tourist routes? Instead of another tower, you want to see a city’s unusual graffiti or the most hidden of nooks known only to the locals? Then Lokimo is the thing for you!

Play games and take challenges when exploring tourism sites

With Lokimo app anyone can play fun geocaching educational games anywhere in the world. Users can explore and experience places from different angle. They’ll open Lokimo app, choose an adventure and start solving location dependant puzzles. This allows to experience virtual tours in tourism destinations with much different point of view than a regular tourist. This app is a gamification of Lonely Planet.

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  • Date: Summer 2019 – Spring 2020
  • Client: lokimo.ee
  • Category: iOS app development

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Lokimo iOS app screenshot in an iPhone frame