Netikino: Your Gateway to Estonian Cinema, Anytime, Anywhere

Netikino is an internet-based cinema platform specializing in Estonian movies. Available to users worldwide, this on-demand video site offers a hassle-free way to discover and enjoy Estonian films with just a few clicks. Simply choose a movie, watch the trailer, and rent it – no registration or personal credentials required.

A Mission to Share Estonian Films Globally

With a passion for making Estonian movies accessible to everyone, Netikino was built on a foundation of innovative payment and user systems. The platform’s streamlined process makes renting movies a breeze, without the need for registration.

The Netflix for Estonian Movies

Netikino can be described as the Netflix for Estonian cinema. The company is dedicated to expanding its services throughout the Baltics, Scandinavia, and eventually all of Europe, connecting more audiences with the rich world of Estonian films.

Partnering with Vimeo and Voog for Seamless Streaming and E-Commerce

Netikino collaborates with renowned platforms like Vimeo ( for high-quality video streaming and Voog ( for smooth e-commerce transactions, ensuring an optimal user experience for movie lovers around the globe.

  • Date: 2019 – 2020
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  • Category: Web app development

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