Sixfold – Supply Chain Visibility

Provide real-time visibility with Sixfold for all your transports

Estonian startup with an amazingly good vibe. Sixfold is a real time trucking tracking solution. It provides logistics companies means to track their trucks around the world in real time so they can provide better service for their customers and know exactly where their cargo is at any point in time.

Transport and cargo is becoming more and more important each day. Logistics is complex and difficult but can be made understandable and simple by using modern technologies. Sixfold iOS app is one piece of the puzzle ensuring packages and cargo arrives to the correct place in fast and safe manner.

I helped them develop initial version of their tracking app for truck drivers. This meant a lot of experimentation hours with different location tracking modes.

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  • Date: Fall 2018
  • Client: Sixfold OÜ (homepage)
  • Category: iOS app development
Sixfold iOS App screenshot
Sixfold web client screenshot