Sixfold: Real-Time Visibility for All Your Transports

Experience the power of real-time tracking with Sixfold, an Estonian startup offering a cutting-edge trucking tracking solution. Sixfold enables logistics companies to monitor their trucks worldwide in real time, ensuring better customer service and precise knowledge of cargo location at all times.

Embracing Modern Technology for Smarter Logistics

As the importance of transport and cargo management grows, the logistics industry faces increasing complexity. Sixfold’s iOS app harnesses modern technology to simplify and streamline logistics, guaranteeing packages and cargo reach their destinations quickly and safely.

Developing the Initial Tracking App for Truck Drivers

Tanel contributed to the development of Sixfold’s initial tracking app for truck drivers, dedicating numerous hours to experimenting with various location tracking modes. This vital component of Sixfold’s innovative solution ensures efficient and accurate cargo transportation, transforming the logistics industry for the better.

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  • Date: Fall 2018
  • Client: Sixfold OÜ (homepage)
  • Category: iOS app development
Sixfold iOS App screenshot
Sixfold web client screenshot