Vimvest – Invest. Save. Give.

The future of financial planning is here.

Vimvest is an app that helps you invest, save, and give all at once. Now you can curate a holistic set of goals worth believing in, and have fun doing it.

Vimvest is an exciting new fin-tech company in Florida USA. Their plan is to unify crowdfunding, investing and saving into one system using this app. App development was done integrating Async Display Kit from Texture and was a really interesting challenge. With using the Texture classes all the complex display kit calculations are done in background thread. This means app UI will become more responsive and fast.

It was a pleasure working with a team of top iOS developers from around the globe

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  • Date: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018
  • Client: Vimvest
  • Category: iOS app development

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Vimvest app screenshots
Vimvest app in use while driking coffee