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UTusk is a market place for the Fitness/Nutrition community that allows you to find the content you want and connect to the coaches behind it Veteran Owned

UTusk is a Social Fitness Platform where coaches connect directly to fans and users. It is pretty simple: our app is for real people, and those people are either coaches with knowledge to share or users seeking that knowledge. It is said fitness is the first step to greatness and we want to be a part of that step.

For users, UTusk is geared towards learning better routines, better recipes, and much more. There is no “social media” responsibility; you sign up for free, you get a feed of pictures and videos that are tailored on your fitness interests, and you can learn from the coaches that really interest or impact you. No posting, no following, no responsibility outside of learning more about fitness, health, and wellness directly from the experts.

For coaches, UTusk is free and easy to use. Just like any other social network, you post your workouts, tips, tricks, recipes, and everything else to UTusk. Anyone can get access to your content as a coach. It is social media built for the fitness coaching community because that is something we believe in.

  • Date: Summer – Fall 2016
  • Client: Wonderkiln
  • Category: iOS app development

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