RMK Kuuseke: Harvest Your Christmas Tree Responsibly with the Estonian National Forest App

The Estonian State Forest Management allows individuals to source their Christmas trees directly from the forest. However, navigating the forest boundaries and distinguishing between protected areas and tree-cutting zones can be challenging. This is where the Estonian Christmas Tree App comes in, providing a clear visual guide to help you make a responsible choice.

Color-Coded Map for Easy Navigation

The app displays a color-coded map, clearly differentiating between protected areas and zones where tree cutting is permitted. This user-friendly feature ensures that you can easily and responsibly select your perfect tree without straying into restricted areas.

Convenient Payment Options within the App

Once you’ve found your ideal tree in an authorized location, the app also allows you to make payment directly through its secure platform. Enjoy a seamless, eco-friendly Christmas tree harvesting experience with the Estonian Christmas Tree App.

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